Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yearly Physical.......

Over the past few years; I have scheduled a yearly physical for my birthday on August 5th. Friday morning Maryann and I went to Dr. Ventrella for our yearly ritual. Maryann came through looking good on her numbers, and has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Gupta her Oncologist, for the last day of August.

For the 4th year in a row, my numbers have come back looking good! I had dropped 5 lbs in the past week by trying to be careful with carbohydrates, and my numbers were 155 on the cholesterol, blood pressure of 136 / 64, and more importantly my A1C test was 6.4 this being my blood sugar trend. I need to continue to work on my weight and hopefully get in a position of cutting back on my blood pressure medications.

I am continuing to celebrate my birthday over this weekend and will look to hit it hard come Monday! Lunch today was Chic-Fila (probably spelled wrong!), and dinner was at Toscano's in Mullica Hill with Karen and Tom. It was a very good evening! Sunday will be a "Patten Special" (cheesesteak with onions and sweet peppers) for lunch at the Purple Penguin.

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