Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011..........

Well another week later........

Diet was "up and down" this week! A couple nights on the road eating out, and a special treat last night with Maryann at Maplewood in Vineland, New Jersey. I did gain back a few pounds this week, but I expected worse when I weighed in this morning.

I related a funny story on FaceBook this morning when a gentleman from the restaurant last night bought our drinks thinking he knew me. As he was leaving; he realized I was not his business associate when he came over to our table. This has happened to me so many times over the past thirty years that I believe there are hundreds of short, fat, bearded "John Patten's" all over this country! I personally think that God just liked his design!

We have friends coming this afternoon; Art and Joan West from Allentown, New Jersey. Art and I went to Allentown High School and Del-Val College together, and I was in their wedding as well. They are really "super" people with an amazing set of values! We are looking forward to their visit to just relax with friends!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yearly Physical.......

Over the past few years; I have scheduled a yearly physical for my birthday on August 5th. Friday morning Maryann and I went to Dr. Ventrella for our yearly ritual. Maryann came through looking good on her numbers, and has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Gupta her Oncologist, for the last day of August.

For the 4th year in a row, my numbers have come back looking good! I had dropped 5 lbs in the past week by trying to be careful with carbohydrates, and my numbers were 155 on the cholesterol, blood pressure of 136 / 64, and more importantly my A1C test was 6.4 this being my blood sugar trend. I need to continue to work on my weight and hopefully get in a position of cutting back on my blood pressure medications.

I am continuing to celebrate my birthday over this weekend and will look to hit it hard come Monday! Lunch today was Chic-Fila (probably spelled wrong!), and dinner was at Toscano's in Mullica Hill with Karen and Tom. It was a very good evening! Sunday will be a "Patten Special" (cheesesteak with onions and sweet peppers) for lunch at the Purple Penguin.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Almost my 59th birthday.........

Today is Sunday, July 31st, 2011; with this coming Friday (August 5th) being my 59th birthday! I talked about my Independence from petty things in my life as being the purpose of this blog, but more importantly it needs to be my Independence from an overweight lifestyle.

My weight has always been a problem for me because I just plain enjoy "FOOD"! I don't really drink (maybe an occasional beer), I don't smoke,........ but I love good food! My biggest culprit is the carbohydrates in bread, bagels, rolls, and pasta. This condition; coupled with the lack of physical activity has had me with Type-2 Diabetes for many years. Fortunately I've been able to control it with medication, but as I get older it will get harder, and I hope I won't eventually have to go with insulin as shots to control my blood sugar! This is wholly of my own making! It's my "life choices" and my choices have been very poor....... for a lot of years!

When I talk about medication; I talk about seven (7) different medications! When you have Type-2 Diabetes now; they treat all the underlying factors very aggressively! High sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, are treated at the same time; each medication with its own side-effects!

The last time I was in shape was 1976; the year of the Bicentennial! I dropped weight from 225 pounds to 168 pounds. I was into Shotokan Karate and trained 4-5 nights a week. I used to run out to Colliers Mills in the sand at least every other day, and I had a very physical job as a Commercial Landscaper, than working in a Feed Mill. I really was a "lean, mean fighting machine"! As to "what happened"? I just got lazy, life got easier, and my life-styles changed for the worst! My biggest regret is leading my wife down this path. Not intentionally, but through my actions! I'm sorry Maryann!

This brings me to today; July 31st, 2011 and the question is "what am I going to do about it"?
I've tried small diets and have gotten bored and went off them! I said to Maryann; "what would be a good motivator for me"? How about to continue to "LIVE". This is just wearing my body out, and I really want to be around for my wife and my kids, and especially for ME!

I got an idea from my wife this morning and will actually put together an outfit today of old and smaller clothes. These clothes will be in a prominent spot to allow me to chart my progress based on fitting into old clothes. Other ideas include writing down what I eat and looking at old pictures of my "smaller" days. I have some "goals" set in my mind, but I'm not ready to share them with this blog yet!

Stay tuned and I'll describe my journey in this blog. Hopefully my next post will contain some pictures of my "downfall", as well as my journey back!

Monday, July 4, 2011

The beginning.......

I've always attempted to make life changes based upon a significant calendar event, to allow me some type of remembrance of these changes.

Today is July 4th, 2011; Independence Day! What better day to try and change my life for the better; in a sense "my Independence from petty things in life"!